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Crew Pool - Our Crew Pool is open for sign-up and use! Now there is a place for Skippers and Crew to make connections about Ocean Racing, Deliveries, and more. Many thanks to Scott Lindars for helping create this wonderful utility!

Flag Officers & Board Members Gulfstream Sailing Club is proud to introduce our 2016 Flag Officers & Board Members.

  • Commodore Marvin Verble
  • Vice Commodore Gregg Henry
  • Rear Commodore Ben Bowen
  • Secretary Rosemary Chelick-Mahon
  • Treasurer Linda Gossett
  • Board Member Jim O'Hara
  • Board Member Paul Hinden

GSC Regatta was April 16th, 2016! This regatta is our our Club's marquee race and was a smashing success thanks to the tireless efforts of Linda Gossett, the Regatta Committee, and club volunteers. This was our 26th running of the GSC Regatta and was a great time on and off the water! Results, pictures and additional information are available on the regatta website here. Save the date and prepare your crew for a full day of racing off the beautiful coast of Fort Lauderdale!